1Realty Seniors

For our fellow Seniors, 1Realty gives back through Noosa’s most attuned Real Estate Agency for Seniors...

  • 'You are Us' - empathetic, experienced advice and old-style service ethics
  • Lowest Cost - even here few Seniors have surplus $thousands in cash to waste
  • Highest Price - because no Agents ever exceed our Marketing + Buyer reach

... and our unique investment of our own money in Seniors Clients’ Sales success.

We live the Senior years alongside you . . . in all the celebratory + challenging ways

We know Seniors’ Assets are different to the assets we acquire in our earlier lives.

Mistakes, losses, selling below a better or higher price, can’t be remedied as readily, or even at all, as was possible during our working lives.

1Realty + our quality Services Suppliers do whatever Preparation For Sale essentials - contemporarily termed ‘Styling’ - which you agree best serve your Property interests.

Seniors Property, Financial Security + all ‘round well-being increasingly engage our families, our friends and advisors far more than in our earlier years. They worry for us and our wellbeing. In time, most of us engage a family member or close friend in some part/s of our planning, Income + Asset management. And these supporters have wishes, duties and caring for you which at 1Realty we intimately understand.

In essence, a time comes when your personal supporters need to know you’re well looked after . . . that you are not being disadvantaged, especially by new advisors such as Real Estate Commission Agents in any divestment of your largest Assets.

In all your Property options and deliberations with us, we strongly embrace Seniors Clients’ networks of friends, family and advisors subject always to your prior approval.