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1 Realty presents excellence in Noosa Property

Buying, Selling or Investing, 1 Realty gives you the edge to take your Noosa Property interests for investment, lifestyle, family or retirement to higher levels.

The differences between us and others are the differences says it wants from Real Estate Agents - greater integrity, skill, professional development, expertise, knowledge, service.

Uniquely, 1 Realty put our own money into the game - whether by contribution to marketing costs to maximise our Vendor reach and returns, through reducing our Buyers legal, financing and conveyancing costs, maximising Investment value for our Investor Clients and SMSF’s, or working collaboratively with Developers & Owners to increase Noosa’s Property infrastructure and values.

Beyond warm service 1 Realty gives you hard-edged Analyses, Data, References, Referrals for Expert Opinion, genuine Information, real Property comparisons + integrity in pricing opinions.

In Noosa’s challenging regional market, skilled friends in the Property industry, invested like you, add invaluable resources to your team. Talk to us and be surprised.

Self claims can be empty. Read two expert Clients speaking from decades of career experience.

1 Realty built our Mary Street Office building, in cooperative development with our neighbours - to prove the local viability of select small SMSF-type Commercial Properties for Retirees/Investors. We did all the hard yards hands-on - from acquisition then demolition, through Design, Approvals, Financing, Construction, Compliance, Leasing and Management.

Here are the current Owners:

"...our total satisfaction in our dealings with you...

We both have a background in law, with myself particularly practising for over 35 years predominantly in property law. In addition during the course of our working lives, we made numerous investments in residential, development and commercial properties. I can say without doubt that the dealings with you relating to the purchase of 18 Mary Street were the most straightforward of all the property transactions we have undertaken. Further, I am hard pressed to think of any commercial transactions undertaken by my clients, which were more transparent.

...the first of the two essentials of the transaction was that we accepted your price as being fair and reasonable and designed to effect a sale within a short to medium period, We did not negotiate with you on price because we felt it WAS fair. The information presented by you was professional, thorough, thought out and prepared from the buyer's viewpoint with the buyer's needs in mind. When additional information was sought, this was provided promptly and accurately.

The second essential was that you recognised that the conditions we sought to include in the contract were also fair and reasonable..."

Mutual respect, and striving to attain outstanding quality outcomes for every Client, every Property.