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Queensland Law requires Real Estate Agents to give written substantiation (termed a Current Market Appraisal or CMA) for the ‘$Value’ they surmise for YOUR PROPERTY – which identifies at least 3 comparable Properties For Sale and Sold in close proximity to yours. Put your time into appraising your Asset. Check, Compare, Review, and Update YOURS yourself whenever desired.

You are now connected to Mastersearch’ database of ALL 2,000+ NOOSA PROPERTIES FOR SALE - the biggest Display & Comparator of Noosa Property For Sale in the world.

Just these simple steps let you personally Select, Compare + Print your ‘Valuation’, Re-visit your choice/s, and Update them anytime you wish.

REGISTER HERE to create your Private Portal (just email address + a password) - this is how your ‘comparable Properties’ will be stored + retrieved

SEARCH using any of the powerful criteria provided. CLICK the Flag to Save any. The 3 Properties will be displayed with Address, basic Info & $Price

PRINT your own ‘Valuation’ with Average Asking Price + Price adjusted for this Area’s current average Vendor Discount (the Seller’s price reduction to achieve Sale). And repeat this whenever desired for Property Sale, 'What if...' Analyses, Asset Valuation & Management, Insurance cover, etc

Your Mastersearch D I Y PROPERTY Worksheet & Comparison Notes

A 5-Minute rough guide to Current Market Values of closely comparable Properties, ideally within the same postcode and 5 kms radius. Please Note: this is not equivalent to a Valuer’s or Realtor’s professional assessment, and is provided with our compliments as a general guide and aid to review only.

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*Discounts by Vendors, averaged by postcode and Property Type (e.g. House) each month, reflect market fluctuations between Buyers & Sellers.

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